With a passion for seeing others succeed in reaching their goals, Courtney Herring brings a wealth of knowledge to her role as a Sales Representative.

As a Certified Trainer and Nutritionist, Courtney is actively engaged in the fitness and bodybuilding industries. She uses this unique insight to better help the people she works with to find the best products for their health journey.

While she prioritizes her own well-being each day with exercise and nutritious eating, Courtney has not always been the picture of health. Just like you, she had to start from the beginning and work her way into a routine that pushed her outside her comfort zone. She understands the struggles of getting started, but she also knows what it takes to build a lifestyle you can be proud of and excited for.

Now, Courtney is excited to be helping assist others with the fitness expertise she has gained over the last several years. She has guided family and friends to a better way of living, and as a trusted Sales Rep she can help you, too. However, she does have a few requests.

First, be authentic. There is no judgment about where you are coming from when you talk with Courtney. The more she can get to know you on a personal level, the better she can help you find the right path for your health journey. Whether you have 15 minutes, or an hour, share your questions, concerns and thoughts so Courtney and her expert team members can create a plan that works for your unique needs.

Courtney’s love for serving others and fitness make her an amazing resource when you’re ready to build a healthier life. She is thrilled to hear from you and show you what can be accomplished with the right products and encouragement working on your side.

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